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“the newly opened space marries the areas laid-back vibe with Arrington’s thoughtful cuisine and co-owner/interior designer Breegan Vallas’ bold, modern interiors”


missing music… i used to spend hours and hours discovering new songs. two kids and that extra time just disappeared. soooo… when i do come across a great new track… it puts an extra little smile on my face ;) …here is this weeks find:

start small

Remember Virgin started with a simple idea to sell mail-order records:


Chef’s Table

…fall in love with the ART of food.

The “Wizard of Venice”


In the early 1900’s, a man by the name of Abbot Kinney dreamed up a grand dream for a plot of swamp land just off Los Angeles’ Pacific Coast. His dream was to transform the land in to a whimsical world of fun and entertainment right by the Pacific Ocean. He would call it “Venice of America” inspired by Venice, Italy.

The neighborhood would feature a waterway of winding canals through the homes, restaurants, street fairs, and entertainment of the day. Venice of America would become one of the great attractions in all of California.

It was in 1905, Arthur L. Reese came to Venice from New Orleans, Louisiana. Mr. Reese was an inventor, designer and businessman who built all sorts of businesses for the the city of Venice. His primary job was to decorate the city and design all sorts of masks, floats, gondolas, and color for the town. People called Mr. Reese “The Wizard”.

Arthur was a passionate man who built a friendly business relationship with Abbot Kinney during this time. With his passion brought success, as Mr. Reese became head of the first African-American family to live and work in Venice, California.

life’s a BEACH


the Future of Dining in Los Angeles


Nyesha Arrington, LEONA

I’m excited for the bright future of dining in LA and we talk about it everyday at the restaurant. Our beautiful Golden State has an allure like no other, something almost magical.

In the future, I see a melting pot of the cultures and flavors in Los Angeles. I believe we’ll watch the food cultures of Los Angeles denationalize and become a more united Angeleno cuisine with all of it’s ethnic influences. We will see more positive growth in our sourcing practices with steps toward ethical and sustainable supply chains of food and restaurant equipment. We’ll build deeper connections to farmers and ranchers from the markets and media. With the threat of scarcity, maybe farmers will become the new rockstars of the food world.

I feel technology will become more ubiquitous in the dining experience. Whether it’s in consumer restaurant apps and digital experiences, or ways to incorporate technology and new dining etiquette, or innovating the back of house management tools. All of the above will become more streamlined with the digital systems being created and implemented.

Being an LA native and cooking professionally for 15 years, I’ve watched the trends come and go. Yet still, for me, chefs like Wolfgang Puck, Nancy Silverton, Susan Goin, Micheal Cimarusti, Josiah Citrin, Mary Sue and Susan Feniger are the Chefs who create the direction dining will take in Los Angeles. They are the Chefs who build future leaders, and I have been very fortunate to work next to all of them to see this.

The future of dining in LA lies in the inspired mind of the youth. As chefs and entrepreneurs, we have a responsibly to run a good business and plant seeds to grow a beautiful tomorrow. We like to think we’re making our own small steps toward that with Leona.

Positively Glowing

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Kingsley meets Kensington

Introducing Baby Brother…

Shopping in LA…


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